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4 min readFeb 16, 2019


Recently, I’ve been struggling to move on from something.

I mean, I’m always the monogamy type kinda person. When I already like something or someone, I will stick to said things for the longest time. The last time I completely moved on from something, it took me two years to finally let it go. And by ‘finally’ let it go, I mean, singing along being all happy and content frozen style letting go, you know?

after those series of not so fortunate experience in the moving on department, then there’s this.

This show that I came for to see some good looking starving European children with angelic cheekbones, yet ended up completely blown away by the very first and the very last dialogue of the show : SKAM.

It’s a Norwegian teenage drama, which if you translate it into Indonesian, the story will have very small differences with soap operas we witnessed on television or scroll through instagram every day, just with a touch of first world problems.

Just take a look at the very first line of the very first episode of the very first season here:

“The global mentality is moving toward free world trade and increased market liberalism. A world full of opportunities. A world where dreams can come true. It sounds fantastic, and it is fantastic. For a very small percentage of us. But for the vast, poor majority, the capitalist system only means one thing: death and suffering. While we live out our days thoughtlessly, and stuff ourselves with cheap food the poor people of the earth struggle in factories. Wages are forced down to the minimum, while the work hours keep increasing. Unionization is illegal, and the working conditions are intolerable.”

See? It’s in my blood. Once it grab my attention at a first glance, I can completely compensate what comes after. Besides, what kind of university certified sjw am I if that paragraph didn’t turn me on?

As the series progress, I get a little fascinated by a dialogue on season 3 about parallel universes, and the possibilities of those parallel universes exist at the same time as the characters were talking about it after smoking a joint and cuddling with each other. Nothing beats the joy from a mixture of joint, interesting conversation, and cuddling with your crush who makes you (FINALLY) feel comfortable about yourself.

that scene reminds me of another thought about parallel universes from Rick and Morty. On season 2, Rick invented a universe that he use to run his car battery. Said universe operates within a faster time frame compared to the universe Rick lives in, as the episode shows how long it takes Summer to kill the police while Rick and Morty was fighting a scientist in the parallel universe they created.

And it got me thinking,

If there is, a parallel universe like Isak said, exists alongside the one we’re living now, alongside with two other parallel universes in Rick and Morty, then what makes you think that the universe we’re living now, is not ANOTHER parallel universe that exists alongside another, or even more than one?


What if, even you and I, reader, what if we’re actually not living in the same universe, but living in a respectively parallel ones?

*greenscreen explosion gif*

Just think about it this way:

The other day I was about to meet my friend, and I arrived early, just because. 15 minutes passed 9 am, the time scheduled, I asked my friend where she is, and she told me, that she “ ‘ll be there in 15 minutes”. Another 15 minutes passed, and she was nowhere to be seen. I asked her again, wonder if she lost or something, she said “no, no, the traffic’s horrible you know how it is”.

After a while, I decided to get lost in my own thoughts. What if, me and my friend, are actually living in different parallel universes? Because sometimes our 15 minutes aren’t exactly the same 15 minutes. For instance, my 15 minutes is like, 30–45 minutes for her. My 9 am straight for her is like 11 am, or ‘anywhere before lunch break’.

I start to think, what if, she’s actually the alien who lives in Rick and Morty’s car battery while I live in the universe where people can’t love anybody they want to, or worship whoever they want to; celebrities, aliens, their ego; without the fear of being persecuted?

Do I sound drunk to you? Well, I may or may not channel Isak’s joy after smoking a joint and cuddling with Even.

Is this story even real? Or is it just my fantasy-caught-in-the-landslide-no-escape-from-reality? But what’s the matter, when both are respectively living parallel universes that exist, only difference is one I live in, and other created by my imagination?

Don’t understand the references? Watch the series.

Peace out.

Dialogue source: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=skam-2015&episode=s01e01




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